domingo, novembro 16, 2008

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I wrote about my recent season. I'm still in America doing my fall's training/races (awesome!). I had the opportunity do represent Los Angeles Tri Club in Las Vegas US Nationals and claim the title for us, crossing the line with my teammate Chris McCormack. Congrats to all the athletes and a special thanks to Ray Barrios and Liz Oakes. You guys were amazing!

After that (last week), I've been through a brand new experience: leaving San Diego to go for an "out an back" to Brazil, where my goal was to be among TOP 10 to still be looking for Brazil's TOP 5 rankings. The brazilian time difference (6 hours ahead) and the jet lag effect were crucial for my performance. But the 7th place overall was a good one, once I was still feeling that my body was sleepy at race start.

Indeed, it was very good to meet my family and friends, once I had the chance to go to meet my training partners and good old friends from Medley Triathlon. I would like to also thank them all for the support on race day. You guys helped me a lot on the boiling 95 Fahrenheit Santos' temperature...It was hooooot and humid!!!

Now I'm focusing on finishing my season around here. I'll be looking for improving my swimming and running legs for 2009, especially doing some fall running events around California. I think that going back to Brazil to do the last Brazilian Trophy race will be too much for my body after 13 races. I really need to rest... chill out a little bit with Claudia and recharge the batteries for my next "fights". Next year will be my debut on 70.3 events, so I want to be really sharp for them.

I'll be posting my next moves during the next days (with more pictures from my trainings!)

Once again thanks for my coaches, Alexandre Blass and Marcelo Semiatzh, my sponsors/co-sponsors Herbalife, Agaxtur Turismo, Ceepo Bikes and Competition and Medley Triathlon + Los Angeles Tri Club crew and athletes for all the love and support during trainings and races.

A special thanks to all UCSD colleagues for understanding my abscents and sending messages cheering for my journey to Brazilian Trophy!

Train safe and have a wonderful fall,

Guto Antunes

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Blog do Jajá disse...

estamos te esperando aqui na final.
Vou tentar um esquema de ir para o Guarujá no final de semana do Troféu Brasil. Daí assisto a tua prova em Santos.
Se quiser, podemos fazer um esquema e você fica conosco lá em casa...
Um abraço, Jajá