domingo, março 08, 2009

Here we go for 2009!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back to Brazil starting my 2009 season. The flight from USA to Brazil was a little confused and I had some awkward situations to put up with as soon as I got to my house. That costed me some rest time to adapt my body from the killing 6 hours time zone difference between San Diego to Sao Paulo.

As a matter of these facts, my trainings had to be a little smooth during the first weeks. I felt tired on every session. I can say that two things were crucial to keep my body away from any disease: eating well and resting after one of the sessions, especially after lunch time for an hour.

Now I'm okay...(thanks God!). I'm feeling very happy and motivated to race for this season. I was missing my good friends from Medley Triathlon
( and my family. Both always supported me during hard times in my life, and they are being really unique persons in this comeback!

Last week I had a meeting with my coaches, Alexandre Blass and Marcelo Semiatzh ( to trace my goals for 2009. I'll be focusing the Brazilian Trophy (Main Brazilian Race) and two 70.3 Ironman Races. I have already done Santos International Triathlon, in which I was 13th Overall. That was a good position once I’m still doing some hard base trainings.

Now I’m focusing especially on my swimming sessions. I started practicing them at “Hebraica” Club, where the 50m swimming pool is nowadays the best one around Sao Paulo City (picture).

I’m also very happy to sign with Ceepo Bikes ( for 2009. The bike is amazing and helped me a lot to make my bike leg a truly weapon during the race. Ceepo is commited to be the best bike brand in the world, so it meets my goals to be driven to perfection.

Well, I hope everybody is doing well for this season's begin. Keep pushing hard, and remember that you can only reach your goals with TRAINING STABILITY!!!. Listen to what your coach has to say and don't forget to put LOVE in every swimming, biking and running that you'll do during 2009...

Keep focused and happy 2009!

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